Less Talk. More Action.

Mel Robbins has spent the past decade coaching, elevating, and motivating
millions of people around the world. Her practical, no-nonsense advice, and life
strategies provide tangible results and skills to push through the everyday
challenges we all face. The Mel Robbins Show is a daily destination to understand
what holds you back and to give you the action plans needed to get the life you
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Mel Changes Lives Every Day

My favorite part of every speech, every book signing, and every social media
post is meeting YOU. This moment was captured in Vegas right after I got off stage
and it explains why I work as hard as I do. Knowing that in some small way, the
advice I’m sharing is having a positive impact on YOU and your family’s life is the
fuel that drives me. And, it also gives me the confidence to put myself out there in
bigger and bigger ways.
You make me so positive. I’m positive that you can change your life. I’m positive
that you can heal your family. I’m positive that you can overcome the changes
you are facing and find the courage and strength to heal yourself. And that’s why
I’m launching this show, because I’m positive that together we can inspire each
other to create the lives we desire and deserve.
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